Anglican Diocese of Wangaratta

For many years now, we have had the archives of various parishes of the Anglican Diocese of the Riverina in our Collection.  These records are one of the most popular collections requested in our Search Room as the majority of these church records are Baptism Registers, Marriage Registers and Burial Registers. Understandably, such items can be invaluable to family historians.

In the last couple of years we have also begun to receive records from parishes in the Anglican Diocese of Wangaratta. The Diocese covers a large part of Victoria, stretching from Albury in NSW down to Marysville, just above Melbourne.

Baptism Register for the Parish of Albury, 1862
The baptism register entry for Florence Sophy Annie Dight of Bungowannah in 1862.

The following is a list of churches in the Wangaratta Diocese for which we currently have Registers of Baptisms, Marriages and Burials:

  • St Matthew’s Church, Albury   [Collection Reference: RW2852]
  • Holy Trinity Cathedral, Wangaratta   [Collection Reference: RW2932]
  • Christ Church, Beechworth   [Collection Reference: RW3013]
  • St Jude’s Church, Eldorado   [Collection Reference: RW3013]
  • St Hilda’s Church, Everton   [Collection Reference: RW3013]
  • St Peter’s Church, Tarrawingee   [Collection Reference: RW3013]
  • St Paul’s Church, Milawa   [Collection Reference: RW3013 and RW3015]
  • Holy Trinity Church, Yackandandah   [Collection Reference: RW3043]

Note: The collection of records from Holy Trinity Cathedral also contain a few Registers from the now defunct Parishes of Milawa, Moyhu, Myrrhee, Whitfield and Yarrunga.

If you are interested in any of these records, feel free to call or email our Reference Archivists, Paul and Lauren, for more information.


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