The Junee Fairies

This lovely photograph has been in our Collection since 1980, donated to us by Alma Morris of Carlingford soon after the Junee Public School’s centenary celebrations.

The letter from Alma that accompanied the photograph told us that it was taken about 1915 in the grounds of the Junee School. Alma is the tiny girl standing third from the right in the back row and her sister, Edna, is second from the right in the front row.  Alma also remembered that the “Fairy Queen” was Dot Chicken, but sadly, she couldn’t identify any of the other girls.

Junee Fairies, includes Alma Morris, Edna Morris and Dot Chicken in 1915 (from RW104 Alma Morris Collection)
The Junee Fairies, circa 1915 at Junee Public School.  The Fairy Queen is Dot Chicken.  Back row, 3rd from right is Alma Morris; front row, 2nd from right is Edna Morris  (from the Morris Family Collection, RW104)

Quite some effort must have gone into preparing the girls’ costumes, making the wings and headpieces. And ensuring they all had clean white dresses, socks and shoes (and that they stayed that way) would have been a job in and of itself.  Even styling the girls’ hair with rags – the majority of them have curls – I’m sure would have been a bit of a headache for their mothers.

We’d love to know if anyone can tell us who the other fairies might be or perhaps what the occasion could have been.  If you’ve any ideas, please let us know in the comments below.


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