CSU’s Anzacs

Yes, Charles Sturt University does have its own World War 1 Anzacs!

While CSU is a relatively young institution, we have been built on the shoulders of colleges who, in their turn, rose out of other educational institutions. This means that CSU has “inherited” (so to speak) its own Anzacs to remember on this Anzac Day anniversary.

The top of the Wagga Experiment Farm Honour Roll

There are two Honour Rolls on the University campuses, one on the Bathurst Campus for the students and teachers from the Bathurst Experiment Farm, and one on the Wagga Wagga Campus from the Wagga Experiment Farm.

The Bathurst Experiment Farm Honour Roll is a grand memorial made of marble, embellished with a symbolic wreath. Initially installed in the Dining Hall of the Farm, it is now fixed to the wall of the Religious Centre (Bldg 1298). The Roll was unveiled on 4 July 1923 by Mr Chaffey, Minister for Agriculture.

In contrast, the Roll of Honour for the Wagga Experiment Farm is a massive wooden board of oak panels, with carved eucalyptus nuts and leaves around the edges. It can be found inside the Sutherland Building (Bldg 268) along with other memorabilia from the Experiment Farm and Agricultural College. The Roll was unveiled by Mrs HE Mitchelmore, president of the Wagga Red Cross League, and took place on 31 December 1918.

The Bathurst Experiment Farm Honour Roll, 1914-1919
The Bathurst Experiment Farm Honour Roll, 1914-1919 on the wall of the Religious Centre, on the Bathurst Campus.
The Wagga Experiment Farm Honour Roll, 1914-1918
The Wagga Experiment Farm Honour Roll, 1914-1918, inside the Sutherland Building on the Wagga Campus.

  The Bathurst Experiment Farm Roll of Honour:

CSD Adamson G Hebblewhite* FJ Salisbury
RB Allport JO Heinrich AE Salway
W Andrew B Holmes
(Distinguished Service Order)
RG Scott
JM Archer J Holland HL Shannon
EJ Ashworth * WRM Holt
(Distinguished Conduct Medal)
JW Shaw *
E Atkinson C Hutchinson CA Sheddon
WG Balcombe J Hutchinson JG Shepherd
LR Bell CH Hutton AE Shierlaw
JH Bilsborrow RH James NS Shirlow
RB Bousfield EJ Johnson FA Simson
HF Brown R Johnson KR Slade
A Browne
(Distinguished Service Order; Military Cross)
JC Kebby * RM Sloman
RS Browne* LJ Kehoe DWA Smith
AN Burton
(Distinguished Conduct Medal)
CH King H Spencer
HM Butler EF Lane H Stevens
F Capper RD Lee DC Suttor
LP Cameron RD Lees PL Suttor
N Cameron RD Little DWK Taylor *
WW Challis JA Loveday D Terry
L Channer RL Mack HS Thirkell
RA Chapple J Maitland CT Thompson *
DK Colley HS Major HMR Tomlinson
HS Connor * RA McDonald * MP Tonkin
(Military Medal)
JA Cran AS Macpherson
(Military Cross)
TD Toppin
FC Crage M McPhillamy G Traegar
FJ Crebert CLD Meares G Valder
R Curtis * LG Meek * SW Vivian
CH Dakin * DS Middleton WH Wallace
A Dignam * B Minter
(Military Cross)
H Walker *
RG Downing
(Military Cross)
SB Milne H Warden
HJ Dunn JE Moulton HS Wark
JR Edginton R Mowatt JLL Waterhouse
EA Elliott JRG Nash CH Watson
C Farran-Ridge M Parrish R Watson
N Fitzpatrick HA Patterson R Weiss
JW Forbes * LH Phillips JH West
CPC Forsyth * AJ Pinn G Wheeler
CR Gibson C Preston J Williams
EG Gibsone BH Radcliffe A Willmann *
AB Goard * PC Regan E Wilkinson
ABN Grainger
(Military Medal)
LM Rhodes A Wilson
EB Grainger J Rigby JB Wood *
H Gregg CH Robinson RC Woodhill *
A Guthrie * WE Robinson JS Woodruffe
CH Harkness O Rossitter AW Wright
LS Harrison EJ Rowse
AR Hawke NR Roxburgh

The Wagga Experiment Farm Roll of Honour:

C Armytage
(Military Medal)
GP Edwards * NA Macken RG Rose
GM Armytage CR Elder * SD Maclure JNO Rowe
WJ Atkinson GH Ellis HS Major EH Rowlands
HR Austen R Elkington SH Mallett + ES Rowntree
AH Baber + JA Elmslie H deC Manning V Rowntree
E Barker * GP Edwards JS Martin * TS Rudkin +
RE Barker + NS Edmond EL Meggitt AC Russell +
JE Barlow GC Failes
(Military Medal)
WT Meggitt * G Rutherford
R Barnett T Farrell EW Mitchell RCC Scot-Skirving
H Bartlett W Finlayson GA Mitchell JVG See +
FT Baxter RA Firth G Mitchell ER Shelley
(Military Cross)
HB Baylis AW Fisk W Mitchell * KE Shellshear
BG Beale DB Fitzgerald + TE Moloney + AE Shierlaw
RE Bell JH Forester M duM Montgomery BJ Skelly
BHDM Bertram + GP Forsyth * HR Muddle * CL Smith *
LP Biddulph
(Military Cross)
GV Fosbery JI McBride * TT Smith
C Bolton AP Fox F McDermott HM Smith
JLC Booth GH Francis
(Military Cross)
S McDermott HW Smith
VF Bowler * CL Franzen * WS McKay KG Smith
EG Bracken * AF Furner NR McKeown
(Military Cross)
LF Smith
EA Brassey HH Furner HT McKern * FR Snowball
IA Brassey
(Military Cross)
JS Gardener SHG McKern *
(Military Medal)
EW Sollas
FH Brentnall + CKJ Gibson A McKinlay * (Distinguished Conduct Medal) RJ Spring
HG Brentnall GC Glissan +
(Military Medal)
CG McKinlay E Steele
G LeGay Brereton JC Gorman JK McLauchlan PG Stephens
ATR Brown + JS Gorman RO McLachlan RC Stevenson
ERW Brown RW Graeme DSL McLean + JH Stewart
RR Brown HM Graf EG McMurtrie F Stuart
GH Browne WM Graham I Nelson CH Studdert
SC Bush EJ Gunnersen WE Neill SA Sullivan
JEW Bushelle
(Military Cross)
LJ Gurney * RE Norman CP Summers
VW Caiger A Hannam JR Oates EJ Sustenance
AB Campbell * F Harlock DMM O’Connor WG Tait
HS Campbell CJ Hazlick AH Oliver * MK Tarte *
AM Carne SH Heathwood HO Oliver * OC Taylor *
JB Carson HG Henderson * C Packham CE Thomas
SD Carver
(Mentioned in Despatches)
RW Hill EM Parker FH Thomas
RK Casper
(Croix de Guerre)
FB Hinton
(Military Cross)
ER Parr J Thomas *
WN Child LF Horsley EHH Peck J Thompson
G Clarke
(Military Cross & bar)
CG Hogan FH Penfold HW Thomson
KA Clark ae GE Holroyde WE Penfold GB Thorpe
R Cliff L Horder A Phillips AH Thurburn
L Clifford * CA Hordern GD Pike PF Tierney
HO Clissold EJ Hoskins
(Military Cross)
NW Pile * VR Townsend
JP Coffee SJ Hoskisson * RJN Plowman HR Townson
RJ Cohne F Hughes D Ponsford + OM Tooth *
ER Collins + FW Hughes HO Preshaw EIH Tucker
VR Conolly JBP Hunter * FM Priddle * FL Turner
JM Connor
(Military Cross)
AJ Inglis * CEM Puckle * E Twynam
JJ Combes OCM Ingrey CA Ramsay WJ Varley
(Military Cross; Mentioned in Despatches)
EAF Carfield * NCP Ireland AW Ranken FCG Wade
FW Corner * NAG Johnson RW Raper RG Walsh
C Cotton EE Keenan CS Rayment WD Walster
RB Cowan LJ Kehoe CE Rennie + W Ward
BC Cowper AD Kelynack WR Reynolds JA Watson
NH Cox RS Kemp +
(Kings Honour)
VF Ridge TC Weedon +
TB Craig + BG Kennedy FL Ridgway * HW Weakley
CC Crane WD Kerle HC Ritchie WJ Webster
GH Craven CR Lamrock Eric Robertson CAT West
JW Croker J Langwell Erle Robertson JCD West
HC Cullen
(Military Medal)
RW Lawrence IS Robertson + GS Wilkinson +
JB Cuthbert * LT Leake
(Military Cross)
LD Robertson * LT Willison
KN Cuthbertson CC Little RJ Rodgers + KB Wilson
AD Devlin AS Lloyd FC Rodgers E Windeyer
WM Dill-Macky BB Logan + JA Rolfe CM Wingrove *
LK Dircks WS Macansh
(Distinguished Conduct Medal)
AC Ronald FR Wood
AT Doig *
(Military Cross)
AR Macfarlane + KM Ronald * BR Woods
M von Drehnen AD MacKellar + HH Rose * JL Woodall
G Ducker ES Macken * FL Penfold RW Resso *
CH Edwards RV Hurst * GB Penfold RR Walton
(Military Cross)
Supplementary Board
AC Aiken HR Allen WH Bowden LJG Campbell
L Coffee DR Crawford OV Daly TJJ Dunn
AA Forsyth KVW Lacey FHWW Larbalestier CI Mitchell *
HTS Rake FB Rake CG Reading R McD Rossiter
BV Sheey W Still JI Stuart CH Toomer
HV Way CW Litchfield

[A big thankyou to Justin Williams and Julie Clements for their help with obtaining photos of the two Honour Rolls.]

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