CSU Foundation Day

Charles Sturt University is celebrating its Foundation Day tomorrow. Now, the actual anniversary day was on Sunday (19 July) but it was decided we should do our celebrating on the Wednesday following. So what exactly happened on 19 July 1989?

Article from The Daily Advertiser,
from The Daily Advertiser, 20 July 1989, pg. 3

“… the strengths of their communities combined can create a university much more powerful in knowledge and skill than either of the colleges it has subsumed…”

Image of Dr Mel McMichael, Prof. Bruce Mansfield and Dr Terry Metherell with the commemorative plaques.
Dr Mel McMichael, Principal of MCAE, Prof Bruce Mansfield, Council Chairman of MCAE, and Dr Terry Metherell, NSW Minister for Education, at the launch of  Charles Sturt University on 19 July 1989.

On that day in Bathurst, on the campus of Mitchell College of Advanced Education (MCAE), Charles Sturt University was officially launched.  The NSW Minister for Education, Dr Terry Metherell, unveiled the commemorative plaques and the inaugural meeting of the Interim Board of Governors was held.

During this meeting, the Board appointed Professor Michael Birt as Acting Vice-Chancellor of the new University.  Professor Birt was, at the time, also the Vice-Chancellor of the University of NSW which was the “sponsoring institution” of Charles Sturt University.

Article in The Daily Advertiser regarding the launching of Charles Sturt University in Bathurst the next day.
from The Daily Advertiser, 19 July 1989, pg. 5

“The university’s particular mission will be to serve the needs and aspirations of western and south western NSW. It must also strive to be a university of the highest standards and serve the needs of the whole of NSW and Australia.”


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