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Did you know we also have our own online exhibition gallery? We have put together four exhibitions for you to peruse:

Possum Greene, photographer

The Alfred ‘Possum’ Greene Collection is a remarkable personal record of over 3000 photographic prints and negatives, most of which document Greene’s surroundings during his life in the New South Wales Snowy Mountains region during the 1950s and 1960s. We have selected a very small number of Greene’s photographs to showcase in our Digital Gallery.

An old ute bogged in the mud in the Snowy Mountains.
From the Possum Greene Exhibit: Bogged near Goobarragandra Station, 16 Dec 1956 [from the Alfred Greene collection, RW1247/4/962].


Talkabout was the student magazine of the Wagga Wagga Teachers’ College. It was published at regular intervals every year between March and December and acted as a voice for the students, by the students. It was both a creative outlet and a place for reports on College events, whether extra-curricular, controversial or celebratory. The Talkabout Exhibit allows you to catch up on the WWTC student news starting way back in 1947 right up to 1971.

Cover of Talkabout.
Talkabout Vol. 25 No. 3, a WWTC student publication, from July 1971


WWTC Presents…

The students of the Wagga Wagga Teachers’ College became quite well known in town for their frequent productions of Gilbert and Sullivan’s comic operas. But there were also plenty of other productions throughout the years, each memorable in their own ways. Our Digital Gallery features many of these productions using photographs and souvenir programmes from the 1950s, 1960s and early 1970s.

Programme cover
The cover of a 1951 Wagga Wagga Teachers’ College production of ‘Iolanthe’ [SA1/172] from the WWTC Presents… Exhibit.

145 Minutes in Wagga

In February 2014, we revisited the 1954 Royal Tour from Wagga Wagga’s perspective with an exhibition of material from both our own collection and the Museum of the Riverina. The exhibition included photographs, commemorative items, and a 15 minute film of the visit. The 145 Minutes in Wagga exhibit gallery showcases a few of the images from that exhibition.

Crowds in Baylis Street, waiting for the arrival of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip, 13 February 1954 [from the Lennon Collection, RW1574/488].

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